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Are vegetarian diets really more harmful to the environment?

In All, Environment, Food Products, General, Nutrition by Andrew Maynard

Carnegie Mellon University had an eye-catching headline on its news feed this morning: The teaser linked to a press release that stated VEGETARIAN AND “HEALTHY” DIETS COULD BE MORE HARMFUL TO THE ENVIRONMENT The press release was based on research just published by Michelle Tom and colleagues in the journal Environment, Systems and Decisions. It explained how, contrary to what you …

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Using animations in science communication

In All, Food Products, General, Science Bits by Andrew Maynard

Can short animations be used for effective science communication, asks guest-blogger Queen Alike, Public Health Specialist at the National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine (NLM). In the era of the Internet, short videos and striking images can capture the world. From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos  to heated debates on whether a dress was black and blue …

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New study shows “BPA-free” labels may increase risky behavior

In All, General by Andrew Maynard

Products with the label “BPA-free” have become ubiquitous on store shelves in recent years.  It’s a trend that has been driven by consumer concerns that the chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA, may be harmful at low doses.  Yet a recent study suggests that the label may mislead consumers into thinking that “free” means “safer” — even when there’s a chance that the substances used to substitute for BPA …

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BPA and cash register receipts: should you be worried?

In All, Consumer products, Food Products, General by Andrew Maynard

I’m a bit of a cash register receipt junkie.  I obsessively stuff my wallet with those little slips of thermal paper telling me how much I’ve spent.  And it has to be paper – none of this e-receipt nonsense.  But an article published last week in the journal PLOS One gave me some pause to rethink this habit. Bisphenol-A The paper focused …

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Lost in Nano-Translation: Titanium Dioxide in Food Products

In All, Food Products, General by Andrew Maynard

Recently the American publication Mother Jones published an article on the dangers of food laced with tiny metal oxide particles. The article, however, is laced with errors and misinformation. The source material for the article came from a report by the environmental organisation Friends of the Earth, an online database of nanotechnology-based consumer products and a peer-reviewed paper published in …