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Yes, we have to reduce sodium. But will we like its replacements?

In All, General by Patrick Clinton

Guest article by Patrick Clinton of The New Food Economy. This article was originally published on The New Food Economy and is reposted with permission. Salt reduction products are on the rise. They’re either a near miracle or a way to keep us eating processed food. You decide. Back in the 1970s, medical and public opinion suddenly decided that fat was bad for …

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Worried about BPA in canned foods? Unless you’re on a total canned food binge, you’re probably okay

In All, Food Products, General, Guest Article by Michael Holsapple

Guest article by Michael P. Holsapple, Michigan State University Those making the traditional green bean casserole over the holidays might see a label on their can of green beans or mushroom soup that reads, “BPA-free lining.” BPA, or bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical used to make plastics and resins, which are often used in containers that store food and beverages. …

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Is a blood infection in cattle linked to breast cancer in humans?

In All, Food Products, General, Guest Article by Meredith Frie

Guest article by Meredith Frie, Michigan State University Humans began domesticating animals for food over 10,000 years ago, cultivating a close relationship with animals over the following millennia. Like humans, animals can get sick, and sometimes infections pass between humans and animals. Some of these infections, like ringworm, are mostly harmless, while others, like bovine tuberculosis, are extremely serious. But how …

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What happens to your gut if you eat a gold pizza?

In All, Food Products, General, Guest Article, Nutrition by Guest Author

Guest article by Marie-Ann Ha, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, Anglia Ruskin University A restaurant in the New York financial district is offering customers a pizza priced at US$2,000 (£1,623). It is topped with caviar, stilton cheese and gold leaf, with each bite costing around US$50. New York is usually the kind of place that sets trends, but pizzerias elsewhere have …

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Farming in cities? Urban growth gets scientific

In All, Environment, Food Products, General, Guest Article, Nutrition by Guest Author

  Guest article by Mary Beth Faller with ASU Now. As Phoenix continues to sprawl toward Tucson, urban planners are working to prevent the entire 100-mile corridor between Arizona’s largest metro areas from becoming nothing but concrete and asphalt. Unfettered development, experts say, can strain resources and increase temperatures and pollution, setting off a chain reaction of problems for the region …

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Everything in your kitchen is made of chemicals

In All, Consumer products, Food Products, General, Guest Article, Nutrition by Guest Author

Guest article by Chris Thompson, Monash University Earnest websites, advertisements and well-meaning popular articles routinely warn us about nasty “chemicals” lurking in our homes and kitchens. Many tout the benefits of switching to a “chemical-free lifestyle”. The problem is: the word “chemical” is entirely misused in these contexts. Everything is a chemical – common table salt (sodium chloride), for instance, and …

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Peanuts officially back in good graces

In All, Food Products, General by Keri Szejda

Health advice has swung 180 degrees once again. Peanuts are now officially in the clear –and even recommended – for infants and young children. In the last ten years, the prevalence of peanut allergies in children has doubled, and rates are around 1-3%. Peanut allergies can be scary stuff. And while it might seem like common sense to avoid exposing a …

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The U.S. is making traceability a part of the seafood supply chain

In All, Environment, Food Products, General, Nutrition by Sarah Geren

When you eat fish, are you absolutely sure you know what you’re eating? Perhaps surprisingly, as we discussed on CRIS Bits previously, lack of transparency in the seafood supply chain means that illegally caught or mislabeled seafood can enter the U.S. supply chain unnoticed and eventually end up on our dinner plates. The good news is that you’ll soon be …